New Solutions A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy Special IssueNew Solutions 223 Cover

September 2012

Open source access to this special issue of New Solutions was provided by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Deborah Weinstock, the guest editor of this issue of New Solutions, heads up MDB’s Occupational Safety & Health practice and is the Director of the National Clearinghouse for Worker Safety and Health Training.

Special Issue: Worker Health and Safety Training

Issue: Volume 22 Number 3 – 2012

The Critical Role of Training In Protecting Workers
Joseph Hughes

Learning To Take Action: The Goals Of Health And Safety Training
Deborah Weinstock, Craig Slatin

Being On The Web Of Unions: An Interview With D’Arcy Martin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Deborah Weinstock, Joy Lee

Creative Mistrust
Charles Levenstein, Beth Rosenberg

From Agricultural Fields To Urban Asphalt: The Role Of Worker Education To Promote California’s Heat Illness Prevention Standard
Kevin Riley, Linda Delp, Deogracia Cornelio, Sara Jacobs

Using Hazard Maps To Identify And Eliminate Workplace Hazards: A Union-Led Health And Safety Training Program
Joe Anderson, Michele Collins, John Devlin, Paul Renner

Triangle of Prevention: A Union’s Experience Promoting A Systems-Of-Safety Health And Safety Program
Thomas H. McQuiston, Steve Cable, Linda Cook, Karen Drewery, Glenn Erwin, James Frederick, Nancy Lessin, Dan Ouellette, John Scardella, Colin Spaeth, Mike Wright

Beyond The Classroom – A Case Study Of Immigrant Safety Liaisons In Residential Construction
Michele Ochsner, Elizabeth G. Marshall, Carmen Martino, Marien Casillas Pabelon, Lousi Kimmel, Damaris Rostran

Novel Approaches To Development, Delivery And Evaluation Of A Peer-Led Occupational Safety Training For Latino Day Laborers
Rachael Ann De Souza, Steve Hecker, A.B. deCastro, Hilary Stern, Araceli Hernandez, Noah Seixas


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