We have experts in many fields who are engaged with professional organizations and activities. They serve on boards or panels and have faculty appointments. Also, as part of our services to government, nonprofit, and corporate clients, our staff  are asked to contribute to publications, provide Congressional testimony, and present at conferences. We have also received awards from clients for our support. Examples of our professional activities and recognition are listed below.

Client Awards

Maureen Avakian, Justin Crane, and Marisa Naujokas – 2014 National Institutes of Health Award of Merit for Exemplary Leadership, Management, and Coordination of the Health Effects and Mitigation of Arsenic Workshop.

Deborah Weinstock – 2013 National Institutes of Health Group Merit Award for Outstanding Service in Response to Hurricane Sandy.

Lynn Albert, Maureen Avakian, and Justin Crane – 2012 National Institutes of Health Director’s Award for Extraordinary Efforts to Develop, Integrate, and Advance Community-engaged and Environmental Justice Research in the Partnerships for Environmental Health Program.

Panels and Advisory Boards

Tim Fields – Vice Chair of Board of Directors of the Annual National Environmental Justice Conference

Tim Fields – Member of Board of Directors of the American University Center for Environmental Policy

Larry Reed – Member, Executive Committee of the Research Triangle Environmental Health Collaborative

Kevin Yeskey, M.D. – Member, National Institute of Medicine Forum on Medical and Public Health Preparedness for Catastrophic Events

Kevin Yeskey, M.D. – Member, American College of Emergency Physicians Disaster Committee and the National Standardized All Hazard Disaster Core Competencies Task Force


Deborah Weinstock – “Challenges to Worker Protection in Hurricane Sandy and Other Disasters,” November 2013. American Public Health Association conference, Boston, MA.

Kevin Yeskey, M.D. – “The View from DC: Building a National Public Health and Medical Response to Disasters,” February 2013. 11th Annual Preparedness Practicum, Hennepin County Medical Center.

Kevin Yeskey, M.D. – “Future of Emergency Support Function #8: Public Health and Medical Services,” October 2012. Federal Interagency Board.

Kevin Yeskey, M.D. – “Health/Medical Support to Emergency Management,” February 2012. Department of Defense: ARCENT/CENTCOM Key Leader Conference on the Role of Military in Disasters.

Deborah Weinstock – Facilitated a roundtable discussion, “How information clearinghouses can serve as a source for environmental health messaging for employers and workers.” November 2011. American Public Health Association conference.

Kevin Yeskey, M.D. – Speaker at the National Environmental Justice Conference. 2011, 2012, 2013.

Leadership Roles at Journals

Deborah Weinstock – Member, Advisory Board for New Solutions: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy

Deborah Weinstock – Guest Editor, New Solutions: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy Special Issue on Worker Health and Safety Training, Volume 22 Number 3, 2012.

Kevin Yeskey, M.D. – Associate Board Member, Journal of Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, American Medical Association, 2007-2012

Kevin Yeskey, M.D. – Reviewer, Military Medicine journal

Leadership in Professional Associations

Kerri Moran Voelker – Secretary, Board of the North Carolina Society of Government Meeting Professionals, 2015-2017