MDB, Inc. consistently succeeds by offering our clients the capacity to meet their program challenges. We provide the consulting talent that distills complex issues and untangles difficult challenges to help our clients solve problems and develop clear communications for their programs.

Under the strategic leadership of Michael Baker, our senior management team shapes the firm’s direction and leads client engagements. They ensure that staff perform well and facilitate cross-functional tasks. All MDB employees thrive in our friendly work environment of mutual respect, trust, diversity, teamwork, and dedication to excellence.

Our current roster of 40 staff members includes:

  • Strategic communication specialists
  • Public health specialists
  • Occupational safety and health specialists
  • Environmental justice experts
  • Environmental scientists
  • Risk assessors
  • Science writers
  • Science librarians
  • Information technology and Web specialists
  • Technical writers
  • Graphic artists
  • Certified meeting professionals
  • Certified project management professionals

MDB Staff Profile

70% with graduate degrees
47% with Masters degrees
24% with PhD/MD
18% with professional certifications (e.g., PMP)

MDB provides outstanding service for every project by applying a dynamic, scalable business model based on a strong senior staff supported by diverse and experienced in-house staff and a network of professional and academic partners. This approach enables MDB to be flexible and responsive, ensuring that we can provide specific, relevant subject matter expertise and/or expanded capability to handle any contingency.