MDB’s staff brings exceptional analytic ability to information presentation and design.

Good visuals, like pictures, are worth a thousand words and so much more.  Our analysts and designers produce graphic depictions of information and data that engage people and convey a complex topic without heavy reading. We always work with clients to create materials that resonate with their audiences. Clients play an active role in the process, incorporating their expertise and institutional knowledge along with organization-specific style requirements. The result is a visualization that is credible, memorable, and unique – while achieving strategic communication objectives.

Providing the basics: charts, graphs, tables, and timelines

Whether intended for print documents, slides, or website viewing, various types of charts, graphs, tables, and timelines are the basic information visualization formats. We help clients select the appropriate display and media format for communicating their data. We are proficient at interpreting, explaining, and bringing to life complicated scientific information through a combination of visuals and compelling text.

Gaining insight: data visualization as a process not an output

In addition to external communication purposes, other types of data visualizations can help build capacity internally among program staff for understanding and using evidence. These visualizations are produced for clients through an iterative process and support knowledge management functions and decision making. Government agency staff, for example, can use visualizations to see what their program accomplishes or who they serve in comparison with related agencies.

Our team

MDB’s data visualization team blends disciplines, including doctorate-level scientists, information analysts, communication theory specialists, journalists, technical writers, and graphic designers. The team uses a variety of analysis tools and design software to provide clients with information representations that help them better understand and effectively present program issues and outcomes. For all products, we pay detailed attention to readability, cultural appropriateness, and budget to ensure the highest level of quality. We measure our success, in part, by how effectively our team responds to our clients’ needs for visual representations and the effects those design elements have on specific audiences. We follow a proven design process that works for government agencies and businesses across every industry.