MDB can help your organization become more productive and collaborative through event management, logistical support, and training.

For 17 years, we have organized meetings and events of all sizes, in locations throughout the United States, including Washington, DC. We can help your meeting achieve the outcome you want. Our services include planning and preparation through on-site support and post-meeting follow-up.

For events to succeed, they must be professionally organized and conducted. Myriad logistical details must be handled just right, with venues secured, participants selected and scheduled, materials and presentations developed and carefully orchestrated, and security coordinated. After-meeting follow through is essential to ensure that the gathering has a larger and lasting effect. Our on-site facilitation helps the meeting run smoothly and stay focused on the topic while giving all participants an opportunity to contribute. At the conclusion, we can provide detailed notes from the meeting and write a report summarizing ideas, issues, and agreements.

Our expertise in training is expanding, especially in the area of emergency public health. For the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, we developed curricula to address the behavioral health needs of workers in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. We also support training development for a Disaster Research Response Unit to collect timely environmental health data immediately following disasters.

We can also develop and implement tailored collaborative skill-building training, which may include team-development retreats and planning sessions.

To learn more about our event services, download our brochure.