MDB uses the latest information technology to produce, retrieve, manipulate, store, communicate, and disseminate information.

MDB is highly skilled in developing and maintaining secure, robust, and flexible applications and IT solutions designed to meet specific client needs. Using our talented team, we analyze, design, develop, implement, support, and manage information systems, software applications, and computer/server infrastructure.

MDB provides a broad range of Information Technology services including, but not limited to, system administration, application design, development, implementation, and integration, Content Management Systems, data/records management, database design and development, documentation development and management, engineering computer hardware, information architecture, website and Web application development, and technical writing. All MDB products are designed to ensure accessibility to the disabled (i.e., Section 508 compliance).

We are eligible to provide services to the federal government through GSA contracts in Information Technology.

The right tools for every project

Our skilled Information Technology team prides themselves on using the right tools to produce a product that exactly fits the client’s needs. Whether that consists of an Access database or a large distributed, dynamic website driven by an Oracle database, our team selects the most appropriate tools to meet the client’s requirements and budget. We follow a proven design process that works for government agencies and businesses across every industry.

A strong security focus

For clients, MDB uses the latest security scanning tools to assess the vulnerabilities of IT systems and Web applications to ensure application and database integrity throughout the project lifecycle. For our internal purposes, we have implemented a strong Information System Security Plan based on the NIST Special Publications to enable us to practice safe security techniques to minimize any internal or external cybersecurity attacks.

Our team

MDB’s Information Technology team includes expert programmers for Web and database applications, database administrators, website and application usability experts, information scientists, published technical researchers and writers, and award-winning graphic designers and artists.