MDB conducts objective and insightful research and analysis to support environmental and public health decision making.

We work with public- and private-sector clients to help them identify and evaluate options for effective program management. We use relevant theoretical frameworks and appropriate empirical methods to gather, assess, and summarize data. For research to be of value, evaluators need to be able to draw accurate meaning from what can be a large assortment of germane information. We understand how to delineate and integrate that information so it is useful for policy development, legislative assessment, or program decision making. We also understand the complex government and private sector management cultures where this decision making takes place. And, with our expert communication staff, we convey the results clearly.

Research and analysis can be:

  • Formative – at the inception of a program
  • Process – to track progress and feedback during a program
  • Impact – to assess effects of evolving strategic goals
  • Quantitative, qualitative, or both

MDB has extensive experience conducting research and analysis for federal environmental science and health programs. Past topics include:

  • Assessment of worker safety and health training programs
  • Evaluation of environmental justice programming for the U.S. Department of Energy
  • Development of a strategic plan for the Superfund Research Program
  • Identification and recommendation of options for environmental science research-to-risk-assessment pilot projects
  • Development of performance measures for EPA’s Offices of Water and Environmental Information
  • Evaluation of research application at Superfund sites for EPA’s Office of Research and Development