MDB recommends, develops, and provides clients with the tools, techniques, and solutions to assess literature and analyze publications.

Our staff includes librarians and information science specialists who are proficient in finding, organizing, and synthesizing all types of materials, ranging from scientific literature in a database like Web of Science to grey literature such as government technical reports, white papers, or patents.  We also use content analysis software and other analysis tools to code and categorize any type of written text. For example, we can concisely answer questions about how, why, and where certain methodologies, approaches, or tools have worked well. In addition, we develop visualizations of the information, and our communication staff ensure that final documents meet the needs of target audiences.

Providing literature search and publications analysis services

An important foundation for many client endeavors, these services are useful in numerous applications, ranging from answering publication-based research questions to determining publication impact. MDB staff has a wealth of experience utilizing bibliographic databases and are experts at crafting and conducting complex literature searches. Information obtained through these services often helps clients establish effective and efficient program plans. We conduct topic-based literature searches to retrieve publications for both traditional literature reviews and systematic reviews.

Analyzing publications for bibliometric and altmetric data

Bibliometrics are quantitative methods of analyzing patterns of authorship, publication, and use of published papers. These metrics can be used to measure and track the impact of research, institutions, or funded research programs. We use bibliometric indicators to look at a number of different measures, including productivity (e.g., number of papers, publication type, and journals used), citation impact, research topic, and collaboration (e.g., co-authorship network plots).
MDB supplements traditional indicators of research impact with alternative metrics, known as altmetrics, which show the online attention given to an individual publication and offer a more nuanced analysis of a research paper’s impact. Altmetrics include article-level metrics collected from sources across the Web, which enable us to monitor and measure when and how often an article is mentioned on social media, blogged, or bookmarked.

Supporting systematic reviews

This type of review systematically and transparently identifies, assesses, and synthesizes all available and relevant evidence to answer a specific question. Systematic reviews aim to minimize bias and maximize transparency to ultimately provide a more reliable review of the evidence on a specific subject. Information specialists at MDB can serve as part of your systematic review team. We will work with you to:

  • Determine the scope of your project, refine your study question, and develop the review protocol.
  • Develop search terminology and strategies for a comprehensive, sensitive literature search.
  • Identify appropriate bibliographic and citation databases and sources of grey literature.
  • Conduct the literature search, document search process, and manage search results.
  • Write the methods section of the systematic review using PRISMA guidelines.
  • Screen publications for inclusion.

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