Project Description

MDB has been working with the National Park Service’s Division of Law Enforcement, Security, and Emergency Services (LESES) to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to communicate effectively with its public safety rangers. In the past, LESES had relied on information slowly flowing through a long bureaucratic chain before reaching rangers in the nation’s 401 parks, monuments, and sites. They sought guidance, materials, and tools to communicate directly with rangers.

A first step was to conduct extensive research that included a series of focus groups with law enforcement rangers, interviews with NPS officials, a communications audit, and a comparative analysis of the communications practices of similar government agencies. MDB then developed a comprehensive communications plan – including recommendations on messages, branding, and specific communications tactics – to ensure that critical policies and other information reaches audiences in a direct and timely way.

MDB began implementing the plan by developing a brand, tagline, and new logo for LESES (shown left), as well as guidelines to govern the use of the new identity and unite the six branches and 28 programs under its jurisdiction. MDB then wrote and designed the first quarterly newsletter and shorter, issue-specific updates that are delivered via e-mail to 1,600 law enforcement and emergency services rangers.

Additional communications initiatives now underway are the development of an identity brochure, a mobile app so rangers can access critical information on smartphones, an all-new intranet site, and videos.