Project Description

MDB produced a range of communication materials about climate change and sustainability initiatives undertaken by the Federal Acquisition Service of the General Services Administration (GSA). The materials – including fact sheets, presentation slide decks, and website copy – are written to  make complex, technical information meaningful and understandable, and to motivate people to act. Specific products include eye-catching graphic design elements and are designed for different audiences, including GSA staff, federal vendors, federal agency clients, and the public.

As an example, we wrote new website copy and created individual fact sheets to explain 11 federal green purchasing programs to vendors. The issue of climate change serves as the frame tying together all purchasing program information.

Other materials delve deeper into more complex initiatives, such as a slide deck designed for in-depth presentations to GSA staff that explains what climate change adaptation means for them and procurement. A presentation will help vendors understand how they contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and how they can start reducing those emissions. Another presentation on the multifaceted concept of “hotspots” identifies industrial sectors and key points in the supply chain that have significant environmental impacts.

Wow, it looks GREAT!  Lots of information conveyed and yet the design is clean and crisp. Exactly what we were looking for!

–  General Services Administration program analyst

A sample of the products produced for GSA:

GSA Leading the Way on Climate Change Adaptation

GSA USDA BioPreferred fact sheet

GSA EPA EnergyStar fact sheet

GSA EPA SNAP fact sheet