Project Description

Tim Fields, MDB’s Senior Vice President, wrote a blog post, Coming to the Table: The Importance of a Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Climate Justice, for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about the need for dialogue to address the public health dangers of climate change.

Many recent calls to action underscore an urgent need to address the public health dangers of climate change, according to Fields. More than 100 people from government agencies, community organizations, academic institutions, and businesses met in North Carolina for the 2015 HHS Climate Justice Conference. These stakeholders shared challenges and priorities, as well as promising approaches and opportunities for collaboration to respond to emerging health effects, especially in vulnerable populations.

“The 2015 HHS Climate Justice Conference is part of the ongoing dialogue about environmental justice and climate change, occurring 21 years after the signing of the Presidential Executive Order on Environmental Justice and two years after the issuance of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan. The dialogue among all stakeholders about climate justice and public health must continue. I encourage you to continue to engage and take appropriate actions to address the health impacts of climate change.”

The conference was organized by Sandra Howard, Senior Environmental Health Advisor, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, and Chip Hughes, Director of the Worker Training Program, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. MDB provided conference planning, logistical support, and subject matter expertise. MDB also wrote a report and produced a highlight video following the conference.

A national leader on environmental justice issues, Fields previously served as the EPA’s Assistant Administrator for Solid Waste and Emergency Response and was in charge of environmental cleanup, waste management, and emergency response.