Project Description

MDB worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Environmental Justice (OEJ), to develop the “National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC): 20 Year Retrospective Report (1994-2004),” which documents the advice, recommendations, and accomplishments of one of the most successful Federal advisory committees in EPA.

The NEJAC was established by the EPA on September 30, 1993 to provide independent advice to the EPA Administrator on broad, cross-cutting issues related to environmental justice. The Council has served as a crucial forum for the discussion and elevation of issues critical to the environmental justice movement, and the integration and consideration of environmental justice within the work of EPA and the larger Federal family. Its recommendations have served to influence every EPA program area, and had a tremendous impact on the progress of environmental justice within the Agency and throughout the United States.

This report provides a 20-year retrospective on the activities of NEJAC from 1994 through 2014. The goals of this report are to demonstrate and document the impact that the NEJAC has had on EPA’s environmental justice programs, policies, and activities during this twenty year period by highlighting the key advice and recommendations of NEJAC, capturing the major NEJAC milestones and reports during this period, and examining EPA’s responses and changes that have occurred within the Agency due to NEJAC efforts.

To develop this report, MDB conducted an extensive review of past NEJAC advice and recommendations, and interviewed over sixty (60) current and former EPA officials and NEJAC members.

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