Project Description

MDB has provided a wide range of support to the Urban Waters Federal Partnership, which is comprised of 14 federal agencies. The partnership seeks to reconnect urban communities, particularly those overburdened or economically distressed, with their waterways. In 2014, 28 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) pledged to work with the Urban Waters program to help advance its vision, mission, and principles.

MDB wrote, designed, and produced a 47-page report, Non-Governmental Organizations Supporting the Urban Waters Federal Partnership, that describes activities of NGOs working in metropolitan areas that overlap 19 designated locations. For each organization, the report summarizes their major activities such as river cleanups, green infrastructure installation, connecting citizens to parks and green spaces, establishing connections with local government officials, creating new bike trails and riverfront walkways, and encouraging residents to become watershed stewards.

The Urban Waters Federal Partnership believes community connections to local water bodies can lead to cleaner urban waters, improved public health, strengthened local businesses, and expanded educational, recreational, housing, and other social opportunities. The report is intended to heighten collaboration among the partners by sharing information about what is being done and where possible future synergies exist.