MDB’s deep understanding of research and activities in environmental science allows us to help clients evaluate, translate, and communicate science and policy.

pesticide+child_sqMDB is particularly well known for its work in the environmental health and science fields. Our staff includes experts with decades of experience in environmental health policy and research, data analysis, and science communication. We offer a full suite of environmental science and health services and currently support the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) in their efforts to protect human and environmental health. Our services include policy and economic analysis, program management, identification and mitigation of threats, risk assessment, research translation, and communication and outreach.


Whether we’re creating presentation slides, producing a podcast, or writing a paper for submission to a peer-reviewed journal, our science communication team knows how to use the best media form and format to clearly and accurately communicate to diverse audiences. Our communication products help important research findings reach many types of audiences, including academics, policymakers, community leaders, and lay publics.

Program evaluation

MDB provides evaluation and analysis for individual programs and whole divisions. Examples are:

  • We developed an easy-to-use database for NIEHS that provides a division-wide view of the research conducted by more than 2,000 grantees.
  • We provided program evaluation services to several EPA offices.
  • We guided the external advisory panel efforts of the NIEHS Superfund Research Program.