MDB reaches global audiences and supports health research and training in sites around the world.


global-Asian-boys-water_iStock_8198068-Med (2)MDB has expertise in global environmental health, international health training, and communicating with audiences worldwide. Our efforts can result in stronger knowledge management systems related to research and improved understanding of the environmental conditions contributing to the global burden of disease. Our research and analysis support can be an important contribution to international public health decision making and program planning. We work to make sure that health research and knowledge extends across borders to reach people everywhere.


Global environmental health programs

MDB supports the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Global Environmental Health program in assessing environmental health, translating research, and increasing health science capacity around the world. We provide content for the program’s Global Environmental Health Newsletter and produce Global Environmental Health Chat podcasts.

We provide a similar type of support for the NIEHS-WHO Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health Sciences.

We also provide programmatic and communications support to the WHO Chemical Risk Assessment Network,  which facilitates the assessment of risks to human health from exposure to chemicals.

Reaching global audiences

We assist clients in writing and editing peer-reviewed journal articles that appear in global journals and in creating presentation slides for international conferences. We collaborate with our clients to make sure that vocabulary and examples are informative and applicable to target audiences.

International training

MDB senior staff has experience conducting public health emergency preparedness training internationally. Such training helps improve the performance of response organizations to better serve vulnerable populations. Culturally aware, we understand how to overcome language barriers and comply with local or international requirements.