MDB strengthens efforts to preserve water resources, protect watersheds, and improve water quality.


MDB has extensive experience providing a range of water-related services for several U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offices and programs, working closely with federal, state, local, and private stakeholders. The efforts aim to protect public health, preserve water resources, and develop local economies. Our water services staff includes experts in community engagement, environmental justice, underserved communities, decentralized wastewater systems, federal and state water programs, Superfund sites, Brownfields, and water conservation and sustainable use.

MDB has supported water quality-related projects for the EPA Office of Wastewater Management; EPA Office of Research and Development; EPA Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds; EPA Office of Environmental Justice; EPA Office of Water Assistant Administrator’s Office; and the District of Columbia Department of Energy and Environment.


  • MDB has supported the EPA Office of Wastewater Management (OWM) Decentralized Wastewater Program since 2009. Most notably, MDB manages the EPA Decentralized Wastewater Partnership, a public-private partnership that works to promote effective decentralized wastewater management practices. We organize and facilitate partner meetings, align EPA and partner missions, and track program priorities.

Urban waters

  • MDB provides a variety of services to the EPA Urban Waters program, including the Urban Waters Federal Partnership (UWFP) and its 19 designated locations across the country. MDB provides program management and communications support to the program, and technical assistance to UWFP federal agency partners and the 19 locations.

Nutrient pollution

  • MDB facilitated stakeholder dialogue and consensus about biological and chemical criteria in the development of stormwater control plans for more than 300 new Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) at three major water sources for the D.C. Department of Energy and Environment.

Watershed management

  • MDB works with the EPA Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds (OWOW) to develop products for the National Aquatic Resource Surveys (NARS), a series of four assessments of U.S. lakes, rivers, streams, coastal waters, and wetlands. We developed infographics and fact sheets to provide information about NARS and the key findings of the surveys.


Download and read more about our capabilities in our Water Services brochure.