handshakesSince its founding in 2000, MDB, Inc. has served nearly 40 clients, some for the entire time we’ve been in business.

From our offices in Washington, DC and Durham, NC, we provide strategic communication; program research, analysis, and evaluation; knowledge management; data visualization and graphic design; information technology; and event management and facilitation services to government, nonprofit, and corporate clients.

We consistently succeed by providing our clients the top talent they need. MDB ensures outstanding service for every project by applying a dynamic, scalable business model based on a strong senior management team supported by diverse and experienced in-house staff. MDB’s network of professional and academic partners provides clients relevant subject matter expertise or additional skills as needed.

Our approach enables MDB to always be flexible and responsive. Our business operations are not organized to fit pre-existing or internal business needs.  Rather we design a structure and plan to suit the needs of each client and each project to achieve desired results.

Learn about working with us in the following pages, then give us a call or send a message. We would like to meet and learn how we can help you meet your needs.