In keeping with the U.S. government’s objective to foster the development and continued viability of small businesses, MDB, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, sometimes serves as the prime contractor or subcontractor in partnership with other companies, large and small. We view such relationships as integral to our work over the years, enhancing our ability to provide quality products and services to clients. We find that our core competencies often complement those of other firms.

Also, in keeping with our dynamic, scalable business model, we sometimes seek specific knowledge expertise or skills from people working in academia, individual consultancies, or professional services. Occasionally supplementing our in-house capabilities enables us to always offer our clients comprehensive, state-of-the art solutions. We have streamlined processes in place to make business agreements happen in an efficient and practical manner.

MDB, Inc., for example, partners with Nicolalde R&D, LLC to provide mobile learning and content delivery capabilities using its innovative mobile publishing platform, mRendering™. This platform transforms how content is published on mobile devices by deconstructing, reconstructing, and reformatting content into meaningful segments for purposeful training, education, and content delivery on mobile devices.

We welcome inquiries from people or organizations who think a partnership could service mutual interests.

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